Green Hard Wax disks + Green Roll on

Green Hard Wax disks (2.2 Lb / 1 Kg bag) x 6 bags

Green Roll on (3.53 Oz / 100 g) x 6 pcs

Paper Strips x 1 pack (x 100 sheets)


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Hard Wax: Low melting point depilatory wax: Made with all-natural, high-purity and quality resins, this wax is the most effective even on the coarsest of hairs. Suitable for hair removal on any part of the body.

Warm roll-on wax: Thanks to its excellent adhesion, this product leaves skin completely smooth, removing the hair right from the root. Since this wax is single-use, it is clean, hygienic, and leaves the skin feeling silky soft.

How to Use:

Hard Wax: This product should be heated in a container specifically intended for this purpose. The perfect application time is when the product is observed to reach a honey-like texture but doesn't fall off the spatula; apply a strip of wax on the skin in the direction of hair growth. When the wax looks almost solid, grasp the end of the strip and quickly tear it off in the opposite direction to hair growth. For sensitive skin, apply powder on skin before apply wax.

Roll-on: Place the roll-on container in the heating machine, connect to the power supply and wait 15-20 minutes depending on the room temperature. Before starting hair removal, it is recommended to glide the roll-on on a strip of paper to ensure that the roller is perfectly ready for use. Then spread a layer of wax on the skin, in the direction of hair growth, and immediately press a paper strip along its entire length, except for the last inch which we will use to grasp and pull off the strip in the opposite direction. The same strip may be used until it no longer pulls on the hair.


The product can be used on any area of the body except the eyes, mucous membranes, scalp or on broken skin (wounds, burns, ulcers, etc.)Do not overheat the wax, as it can cause burns when very liquid.


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